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Here you will find all important information about the Film Location Austria initiative, existing film co-production agreements and the recognition of co-productions.

Film Location Austria (FISA)

“Film Location Austria“ (FISA) is an initiative by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy designated to the financial support of film productions. The directive was notified by the European Commission and put in effect retroactively by Austria’s Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy as per 01.07.2010.

More Information on FISA and online application submission

International Co-Productions

International co-productions are becoming increasingly important for the Austrian film industry. On the one hand, they open up more financing possibilities for individual films and, on the other hand, they help to ensure that there will be a return on the invested capital as well (giving access to additional markets). Films resulting from co-productions are considered domestic films and can be awarded the same financial support as is available in the contractual country.

The BMWFJ is responsible for recognising co-productions and for negotiating bilateral co production agreements. The Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture is responsible for providing funding for films (Austrian Film Institute) and for representing Austria in international film bodies.

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