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Internationalisation initiative

The internationalisation initiative (Internationalisierungsoffensive) helps Austrian exporters and investors to remain competitive even in a difficult international environment. It was launched in 2003 and forms part of the government programme.

The special aspect of this initiative is its comprehensive approach targeted at structural improvement. It not only secures existing markets and opens up new ones but also aims to create a sustainable basis for dynamic, globally oriented and knowledge-based external economic relations guided by an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the Austrian external trade sector. The internationalisation initiative addresses the "classic" problem areas of Austria's external trade, which has traditionally focused too heavily on Europe, with exported goods and services featuring a comparatively low technology and knowledge intensity.

A comprehensive set of measures has also been prepared for the current campaign (internationalisation initiative V). The Austrian external trade policy statement (Außenwirtschaftsleitbild) prepared in 2008 for this initiative provides essential input. Regional priorities are overseas markets with strong growth potential, while sectoral priorities include exporting education and services, ensuring technology networking, and promoting research and innovation.

The most important partner for implementing these projects is the external trade unit of the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) together with its "go international" programme. Other important programmes are:


Export & Investment Policy Division:

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