Digitalisation and e-Government


Attacks on computers, smartphones and the like are constantly increasing and becoming more and more professional. According to a study carried out by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the damage caused by cybercrime to the global economy is now  600 billion $ (490 billion €) per year.

The crime statistics of the Federal Criminal Police Office confirm the trend towards cybercrime. It is now one of the five crime areas with the greatest impact on the sense of security of society.

In order to counteract this trend, in addition to technical and organisational measures, more safety awareness and digital education of the affected target groups are necessary. For this purpose, the ICT Security Portal at was launched in February 2013. Through a co-ordination of administration and business (40 cooperation partners), a central Internet portal was created, which deals exclusively with topics relating to security in the digital world and is unique in this form.

The extensive range of services is aimed at both beginners and experts, and includes information on risks in the internet, advice and help on the secure use of computers, smartphones, etc. as well as further information and contact details of hotlines and reporting points for emergencies - guaranteed independent and well-founded.

The ICT Security Portal is a strategic measure of the National ICT Security Strategy and the Austrian Cyber Security Strategy to promote and sustainably strengthen the ICT and cyber security culture in Austria.

Last Modified: 08.11.2018 09:22