Digitalisation and e-Government

Broadband expansion

The technical basis for our digital future is broadened in close cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.

At the beginning of 2021, Austria will be the 5G pilot country and by 2025, the nationwide supply of gigabit connections will be reached.

With the "Digital Offensive", the Austrian Federal Government is pushing ahead with the competitive and technology-neutral expansion of nationwide broadband high-performance infrastructures based on the objectives of the "Broadband Strategy 2020", which is funded by the BMDW and the BMVIT:

  • In 2018, ultra-fast broadband high-performance access (i.e. a download rate of at least 100 Mbit / s) is to be available in the metropolitan areas (around 70 percent of households).
  • In 2020, an ultrafast broadband high-performance access will be achieved nearly nationwide.
Last Modified: 30.10.2018 14:21