From eGovernment to mGovernment

In order to de-bureaucratise life and work in Austria, the public administration is rapidly modernising and digitising. In addition to the expansion of broadband and 5G coverage, one key aspect is the user friendliness of online procedures for citizens.

As the market penetration of smartphones in Austria is now 94 percent, the use of electronic applications has shifted massively towards mobile applications. It is therefore a logical consequence to offer eGovernment services as widely as possible for mobile devices. e(lectronic)-Government should be further developed to m(obile)-Government. This is necessary to re-establish Austria in Europe in a leading role as a place of life and business.

The planned online platform (in German) aims to provide businesses with a central gateway to the most important digitally available administrative services.

Existing platforms such as the Business Service Portal ("Unternehmensservice-Portal" or, in German) or the Legal Information System (Rechtsinformationssystem des Bundes or, in German) will be integrated into

Alongside facilitated access modalities (Single-Sign-On) and user-friendliness, the focus is on compatibility with different mobile devices. In the final stage, it should be possible to implement official channels on a central portal quickly and easily, directly or via the App.

In the first place, new services for companies are implemented and no-stop or one-stop shops are created, which should reduce the number of necessary government contacts to a minimum. Further easing will be provided by the "Once-Only Principle", whereby documents and information will only have to be presented to the authority upon initial contact. Hereafter the administration will have access to the necessary data, already available in registers, for all other administrative procedures.

The electronic establishment of a sole proprietorship is possible since 31st July 2017.

Since 1st January 2018, single-person limited liability companies, including company registrations, can also be launched via Business Service Portal (USP).

For the first time, all necessary official channels are available electronically. Business registration, tax office registration, insurance registration with the SVA and the declaration according to the New Business Support Foundation Act can be initiated on and electronically signed by Mobile Phone Signature. For the single-person limited liability companies, the entry in the commercial register is offered additionally.

All reports are submitted electronically to the respective procedures of the authorities, which also makes the processing faster, easier and cheaper.

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