Digitalisation and e-Government

Science & Economics

In order to become an innovation leader, potentials must be identified and used optimally. The best in science should be merged with the best companies. Excellence and internationality are crucial in order to exploit previously unused opportunities and become interesting for investors in the long term.

By establishing networks in specific industries or technologies, consisting of a few to many members, synergies can be achieved through joint focus of increased research, export or marketing activities that a single company could not achieve. A better positioning of Austrian companies and their products and services in the market also promotes Austria globally as a business location. The national cluster platform in the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs lists around 64 cluster initiatives with 7.000 participating companies and research institutions and over 800.000*) employees. To further support our business location, contributions will come from co-operations and model developments with other ministries.

The work environment is being changed by digitalisation. Thus, it becomes necessary to adapt professional trainings. Digital methods such as smartphone apps, online lectures or webinars are playing an increasingly important role. Blended learning - the interweaving of face-to-face teaching with e-learning elements - is also increasingly being integrated into the course design, where it contributes to quality improvement. Digital content enriches social interaction between learners and teachers.


*) The number of employees has double counts when companies are active in multiple clusters.

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