Digitalisation and e-Government

Digitalisation for companies

Digitalisation is a major empowering factor for the economy as a whole. Without digitalisation, the economy would come to a standstill; a business location that does not offer a highly performing digital infrastructure will be left behind. The primary goal is to improve existing framework conditions in order to foster digital innovation and technology transfer.

Digitalisation opens up great opportunities for businesses. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs encourages tearing down unnecessary barriers: thus, it wants to reduce the proliferation of information obligations for entrepreneurs and greatly simplify their implementation. Economic data that need to be notified are to be reported based on the "Once-Only Principle". Moreover, new businesses will be further assisted in their electronic registration.

Another priority is the inclusion of SMEs in the digital network. These enterprises are to be supported in the electronic monitoring of their production processes as well as in using the internet for e-commerce purposes.

Last Modified: 30.10.2018 13:44