Digitalisation and e-Government

Coordination Committees Digital Public Administration

Platform Digital Austria

The coordination committee (Platform Digital Austria (PDÖ)) forms the strategic e-government umbrella in Austria. While the Chief Digital Officers are responsible for the overall digitalisation strategy, the Chief Information Officers focus on the digitalisation of public administration within the framework of the Digital Austria Platform.

Members of the platform are representatives of the federal government, the federal provinces, the municipal and city union, the economy, the Main Association of Austrian Social Security and the liberal professions.

The agendas of the platform are managed by

  • the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Confederation O.Univ.Prof. Dr. DI Reinhard Posch (Chair),
  • the Head of Group B (Departments I/B/4 to I/B/7) of the BMDW Ing. Roland Ledinger (CEO).

Committee ICT Bund

The ICT-BUND committee advises the Federal Ministry of Digitalisation and Economic Affairs with general information and communication technology (ICT) matters. It also provides support for the coordination of ICT-tasks across ministries and consults their implementation.

  • Strategic initiatives
  • Development/evaluation of joint project approaches
  • Definition and determination of standards, interfaces, specifications

The current tasks are based on the strategic objectives of the platform "Digitales Österreich". If necessary, the preliminary consultation and preparation of the topics/projects takes place in working groups.

Koop BLSG (co-operation between federal and state municipalities)

A modern, secure, flexible and expandable IT infrastructure is essential for the implementation of mobile government. As part of the transition to digital official channels and public services, recommendations were developed, standards adapted and implemented.

The information exchange among the participants takes place via their own communication platform, the so-called ''e-government reference server''. It is one of the most important sources of information for the Federal Government, the Federal Provinces, cities and municipalities (BLSG) as well as for industry and project partners in a wide variety of sectors.

The platform publishes the jointly developed proposals (based on the cooperation paper) of the various working groups in the form of conventions, explanations, information, best practices, white papers and use cases, either as a result of the working group, recommendation or standard.

Working groups

The current organisational form of the BLSG working groups consists of four (permanent) working groups:

  • Infrastructure/Interoperability (AG-II),
  • Integration/Accounts (AG-IZ),
  • Legal/Security (AG-RS) and
  • Presentation/Standard data (AG-PS)

and individually established project groups.

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