EU & International Market Strategies

External trade policy

Austria is one of the world's leading export countries. Major areas of Austria’s economy are dependent on exports.

This is why free and unrestrained access to world markets is of particular importance. National borders are losing their significance in a globalised world where continents are increasingly interlinked through information and communication technology, and where capital markets and international trade are becoming ever more interdependent. Hence there is a growing need for external trade policy to meet the requirements of international competition and globalised markets. It has to strengthen Austria's competitive position as a business location, while contributing to the creation of promising new jobs by ensuring sustainable growth.

  • 52,3 percent of GDP are due to exports (2016)
  • 55.000  enterprises are part of the export sector (2016)
  • 47,1 percent of jobs are directly/indirectly dependent on exports (2016)

Internationalisation initiative

The internationalisation initiative (Internationalisierungsoffensive) helps Austrian exporters and investors to remain competitive even in a difficult international environment. It was launched in 2003 and forms part of the government programme, with €56m in funds being earmarked for the current period of 2015/2019.

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