Economic Policy


You will need appropriate funding in order to successfully build up your company. One of the most important tasks of business starters is therefore to exactly determine their capital needs. Budgeting your capital requirements as accurately as possible will help you to secure your company’s liquidity and to avoid insolvency.

Consider at the beginning how much capital you can raise yourself. You could increase your equity ratio through funds from relatives or friends, from partners (i.e. by starting a business together), or through (private or public) venture capitalists. The amount of outside capital you need results from deducting your equity (incl. your own funds) from your total capital needs.

In addition, various federal, Länder and/or local sources of funding are available to existing companies and business starters. These funding and assistance programmes are targeted at specific investment and financing needs (growth, research and development, innovation, technology). Examples include: funding programmes for young entrepreneurs, business start-up savings plans, guarantees, seed financing and business start-up funds. However, avoid relying solely on such funding programmes. There is no legal claim to funding, and it is only to be viewed as start-up aid.

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