Economic Policy

From unemployed to self-employed

Joblessness can sometimes be seen as an opportunity to embark on a new career. The business start-up programme of the Public Employment Service Austria AMS (only available in German) supports unemployed persons who wish to become self-employed and start up their own business.

The potential young entrepreneur may take advantage of start-up counselling with a qualified consulting firm and acquire the requisite qualifications (project management, business development, etc.) in training courses and continuing education measures paid for by the AMS. In addition, the programme also includes a feasibility check of the business idea and follow-up counselling after the business has been successfully launched. As a rule the programme extends over a period of six to nine months at the most.

In Vienna the AMS has offered its business start-up programme since 1995 and, with a 10 to 15% share in all business start-ups, has become one of the most important funding bodies in the region. In Austria as a whole the AMS has supported more than 4,000 business starters, amounting to 15% of all newly founded businesses. And in doing so it has been successful: 87% of these businesses still existed three years later.


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