Economic Policy


Selecting and planning a location are key factors contributing to your company’s success. Production plants, for example, must adhere to specific legal requirements: land use and development plans (prepared by municipal or local authorities) determine how an area can be utilised, while building and facility permits are often tied to certain conditions. Environmental requirements will have to be met if siting and systems options have environmental implications.

Siting is also determined by:

  • property prices
  • traffic situation
  • public utilities and waste disposal services
  • distance from suppliers
  • availability of labour
  • accessibility for customers
  • competition situation

Facility sites which do not pose any detrimental effects (i.e. air and water pollution, noise pollution, threat to neighbours’ properties), such as offices for example, do not require official approval. As a rule, though, a facility site must be approved.

In addition, other approvals and permits might also be necessary, e.g. pursuant to building laws (the building authority evaluates the building project according to building laws and land use regulations), water laws, waste laws, conservation laws, forestry laws, railway laws and/or approval pursuant to the Federal Roads Act (Bundesstraßengesetz – BStG).

Approval for erecting a facility must be granted before starting construction work. The district authority of the district in which the facility is to be erected issues the approval. For more information about whether a facility permit needs to be issued, about the required documents and the applicable procedures (regular or simplified) please contact:

  • the Start-up Service of the Economic Chambers (only available in German),
  • your district administration authority (district or municipal authority).


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