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Women on the rise in the business world

One third of all Austrian companies are run by women, while an increasing number of women are starting their own businesses: almost 37% of all new businesses in 2006 were founded by women.

Women approach business start-up differently: they act more cautiously, but often with more lasting effect as well.

For more information about special counselling for female business starters and assistance, please contact:

  • Women in Business (Frau in der Wirtschaft – FiW; only available in German): the independent platform of approximately 100,000 Austrian female business owners is committed to improving conditions for women entrepreneurs. One of its primary concerns is to lobby for a better reconciliation of entrepreneurship and family life. FiW regularly organises expert presentations, seminars and networking events. They also offer a special version of the WKO’s online company directory, specifically for women entrepreneurs.
  • The electronic market place w2b (woman2business; only available in German) offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their company, their products and services, to search for cooperation partners or to share a babysitter.
  • Temporary help (Betriebshilfe; only available in German): a qualified replacement is provided for women entrepreneurs when they are pregnant (for the statutory protection period of eight weeks before and after giving birth) or when they are unable to work due to an illness or accident.
  • Advanced training for women entrepreneurs: the academy for female owners of small businesses (Akademie für Kleinstunternehmerinnen; only available in German)offers a specific training programme to women entrepreneurs who have been in the market for no longer than three years and who do not yet employ any staff.
  • Women planning to become self-employed also receive support from the Vienna Business Agency. Particularly worthy of mention in this context is their start-up package: female business starters can rent fully equipped offices at the agency’s two start-up centres in Vienna, under especially favourable terms.


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