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Austria – an attractive location for foreign investors

The Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprise has an efficient institution at its side to promote investment in Austria: the Austrian Business Agency (ABA – Invest in Austria) provides international investors with professional consultancy services.

Consultancy services with a global base

ABA, a consulting firm owned by the Republic of Austria, supports international investors planning to locate in Austria by providing extensive services free of charge. ABA is headquartered in Vienna and has an extensive network of consultants.

Remarkably successful

ABA is remarkably successful in attracting international companies to locate in Austria: On balance, ABA – Invest in Austria has concluded 3.478 projects attracting total investments of almost EURO 8.45 billion, creating 55.038 jobs, since its founding in the year 1982.
The business results in 2016 achieved by ABA – Invest in Austria are on spite of a difficult business environment positive. The number of international companies setting up business operations in Austria in 2016 rose by 7,4 percent compared to the year 2015. On balance, 319 international companies established business operations in Austria in 2016, an all-time high in the 35-year history of the company. The total investment volume arising from these projects amounted to EURO 705,22 million. This figure comprises an increase of 42 percent. On balance, a total of 2.622 new jobs were created (2.613 in the previous year).

At present ABA – Invest in Austria is providing professional support to a total of 754 international companies with a specific interest in setting up business operations in Austria. Compared to January 2016 the number remained stable (755 in the year 2015).

Rise in R&D investments – Research Location Austria was a success

The increase in the number of companies carrying out research and development in Austria is particularly gratifying. During the fourth stage of the marketing campaign "Research Location Austria", which lasted from 1.1.2014 until 30.6.2016, a total of 44 international companies located R&D-relevant business operations in Austria, exceeding the original target of attracting 25 firms. These companies created 1.360 jobs and invested EUR 583,28 million.

ABA scorecard: Strong interest from Germany, China and CEE/SEE markets

116 business location projects in 2016, comprising a 13 percent increase from the previous year, originated in Germany, the traditionally strongest investor nation. Interest on the part of Chinese companies is also rising sharply. Twelve Chinese firms set up business operations in Austria in 2016 with the support of ABA, compared to seven in 2015. Some 70 companies, or one-fifth of all ABA investment projects, came from CEE/SEE countries.

Broad range of services

ABA offers both general information about Austria as a business location and provides specific consultancy services to foreign investors looking for a site in Austria, assisting them also in completing formalities such as applications for financial support or facility permits. In providing these services, ABA works closely with the industrial location agencies in the Austrian regions (federal states).

The Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprise regards the task of setting the parameters for Austria to be a competitive and attractive location as an important and weighty responsibility.

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Location Austria

The ABA business unit Location Austria promotes Austria as a film location, actively seeks to attract new international film projects to Austria (cinema and TV productions, documentaries etc.) and provides a wide spectrum of support for realising such projects, free of charge.

During the past twelve years, Location Austria, Austria's national film commission, worked on more than 400 film projects. The most renowned international productions were "Spectre" – the 24th James Bond, "Mission Impossible – The Rogue Nation",  the remake of the US-cult movie "Point Break", the medieval HBO-Reality-Show "The Quest", the action comedy "Knight and Day" with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise as well as the last but one James Bond – "Quantum of Solace".

In the year 2016, Location Austria intensified its efforts to open up new markets, particularly China and India. At the beginning of the year, Location Austria entered into a partnership with the globally operating film studio Pinewood Studios, in order to promote Austria as a film location for potential international film productions.

FISA – Film Industry Support Austria, an attractive film financing model in the form of a non-repayable grant, was initiated in 2010 by Austria's Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy, Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner. Together with aws (Austria's federal promotional bank for company-related financing) Location Austria takes care of the handling of the funding guidelines. Since the launch of FISA, 170 films to the amount of more than EURO 44 million were supported by fundings by the end of 2016.

Due to its membership in the EUFCN (European Film Commissions Network) Location Austria is embedded in a European network. Arie Bohrer, director of Location Austria, is part of the EUFCN-Advisory board since beginning 2015. At the beginning of 2015, EUFCN counted more than 80 European Film Commission-members out of nearly 30 different countries.
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