Energy & Mining

Energy & Mining

Functioning markets in energy and raw materials are a fundamental prerequisite for a prosperous national economy. Austria is among the most economically successful countries in the world, not least because of the policy it has been pursuing in these two areas for many years.

By serving as an important hub in implementing Austria’s energy and raw material policy, the Directorate General Energy & Mining of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) has played a major role in this success. The Directorate General, which is the Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy’s vehicle for carrying out Ministry affairs, acts as the federal government’s highest-level body in all matters pertaining to the supply of energy and raw materials to the Austrian economy and population.

Guided by the principle of sustainability, the DG Energy & Mining pursues the goal of providing energy sources and raw materials in a way that is optimally attuned to the national economy, while taking into consideration the need for a secure supply at reasonable cost and in accordance with standards of environmental and social compatibility.

  • 32,5 % share of renewable energies in gross domestic consumption (fourth place EU-wide)
  • 5 th place in energy efficiency EU-wide
  • 15 tonnes of mineral raw materials per capita in Austria

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