External Trade

Bilateral economic relations with North America

Austria's trade relations with the North American countries – USA and Canada – are traditionally strong. Taken together, the two countries represent about 5.9 percent of Austria's foreign trade, with the USA accounting for almost 91 percent of this figure. After a record high of € 16 bn in 2015, data for 2016 shows a slight decrease and a total volume of Austrian trade in goods of € 15 bn with North America but in 2017 it increased to € 17 bn.

With a volume of exports of goods of € 9.7 bn, the US were Austria's second most important export destination, behind the neighbouring country Germany. Propelled to such a record level, and with a share of almost seven percent in aggregate Austrian exports (almost three times higher than that of China), the USA continue to be by far the most important market for Austrian goods both outside the EU and outside Europe. After China, the USA continued being the second most important market for imports from outside Europe, with imports of goods reaching almost € 6 bn.

Austrian exports to Canada 2017 show a strong increase by almost 17 percent and reached a new high with € 1.1 bn. Imports in 2017 showed a good growth of around 22 percent, amounting to € 394 m. Austria's total trade volume with Canada in 2017 reached a peak with € 1.5 bn.


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