External Trade

Bilateral economic relations with Sub-Saharan Africa

According to the trade statistics for 2017, Austria's trade in goods with Sub-Saharan Africa totaled € 1.6 bn or 0.6 percent of Austria's trade volume, a foreign trade dimension comparable to that of India, ranking 25th in the list of our most important trading partners.

According to the statistical data the year 2017 proved to be successful, showing an increase in both exports (0.6 percent) and imports (26.4 percent).

In 2017 South Africa remained by far the most important export market for Austrian goods in Sub-Saharan Africa (€ 427 m), followed by Mali (€ 90.8 m), Nigeria (€ 78.7 m), Angola (€ 42.2 m) and Senegal (€ 35.9 m). 

On the other hand, regarding Austrian imports from Sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa accounted for most Austrian imports in 2017 (€ 368.8 m), followed by Nigeria (€ 225.3 m), Côte d'Ivoire (€ 28.5 m), Madagascar (€ 11.8 m) and Sierra Leone (€ 11.2 m). 


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