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Joint Commission Belarus

The 14th session of the Austrian - Belarusian Joint Commission for Bilateral Trade and Economic Relations will be held in Vienna on 30 January, 2018. The Austrian Side of the Joint Commission will be chaired by Director General for Foreign Economic Relations Mr. Franz WESSIG, and the Belarussian Side will be chaired by Mr. Oleg KRAVCHENKO, Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus.

During the plenary session the following topics will be addressed, inter alia: renewable energy and energy efficiency, environmental technology, communal services and regional cooperation.         

Interested companies are welcome to attend the Joint Commission's plenary session as experts. Please register at the following address: post.c27@bmdw.gv.at


EU-Enlargement,East and Southeast Europe, Central Asia: post.c27@bmdw.gv.at

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