ACR - Austrian Cooperative Research

Logo ACRSince its foundation in 1954, ACR has offered specialised heterogeneous research and technology competences especially for the benefit of small and medium sized enterprises. ACR stimulates and enables innovation within trade and industry, thus improving the competitiveness of the Austrian economy.

The strengths of ACR-Members:

  • Close contact to SME
  • Provision of cost-intensive scientific and technical infrastructure
  • Intermediary between universities and SME
  • Great flexibility of the work potential
  • Cost-transparency and output-control/success governance
  • Research and technology competence
  • Experience of technology transfer
  • Outsourced research and development department of several branches

Currently, ACR has 18 full members. In 2017, they had a total of 775 employees and produced a turnover of 64,4 million Euro.

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