National Market Strategies

Appeals, Complaints

Appeals against accreditation decisions (notifications) of  "Akkreditierung Austria" are possible acc. to Art. 130 (1) 1 B-VG (Federal Administrative Court).
Such appeals have to be lodged to the Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs / Akkreditierung Austria in written form within 4 weeks after a notification has been received with supporting documentation. 

Akkreditierung Austria can - within 30 days after reception of the appeal -

  • either amend its accreditation decision or
  • keep its accreditation decision and forward the appeal to the BVG (Federal Administrative Court)

Appeals against other decisions of "Akkreditierung Austria" and 

Complaints against an accredited Conformity Assessment Body

should be sent to the head of Akkreditierung Austria

Mr. Norman Brunner

Both Appeals and Complaints start an investigation procedure within Akkreditierung Austria. The person or body lodging in the appeal or complaint is informed on the results.  

Last Modified: 08.02.2018 12:25