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First-time training of apprentices

In accordance with § 3a of the Vocational Training Act (Berufsausbildungsgesetz - BAG) those employers offering apprenticeship training for the first time must apply for a licence. The Apprenticeship Office of the Economic Chamber in the relevant Land (federal state) – together with the Chamber of Labour – will follow a specific assessment procedure to determine whether the facility or workshop in question is equipped and run in a manner that provides an appropriate framework for imparting the requisite knowledge and skills to apprentices.

Companies unable to provide apprenticeships which cover the whole range of activities and skills of an apprenticed trade, or which do not have the necessary equipment for such comprehensive training, may be permitted to work in association with other companies or training facilities to train apprentices (training cluster).

The company must appoint a suitable instructor who has either attended a course for instructors or has passed the instructor´s examination. This function may be assumed by the licensed employer himself/herself or by a qualified employee of the company.

Companies offering apprenticeship training for the first time or resuming the training programme after a break of three years or more may claim a premium of € 2.000,-  for each apprentice taken on. For further information please consult www.lehre-fö (available only in German).

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