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What is a trade?

The preconditions for a business activity falling under trade law are activities carried out

  • for the entrepreneur’s own account and at the entrepreneur’s risk,
  • regularly and
  • with the intention of realising an economic benefit or profit.

The rules on how to obtain a trade business license are set out in the Trade Act (Gewerbeordnung – GewO).

The lists for regulated and non-regulated business activities are available only in german and therefore you can find them here on our german part of the website.

The Trade Act

The Austrian Trade Act is one of the most important regulatory instruments with respect to trades and business. Entrepreneurs also need to consider various supplementary legal provisions, such as the Goods Transport Act (Güterbeförderungsgesetz) or the Opening Hours Act (Öffnungszeitengesetz).

The currently applicable Trade Act (Gewerbeordnung – GewO) dates from 1994 (Federal Law Gazette No 194/1994) and is constantly adapted to new requirements.

Not only start-ups, but existing enterprises too, benefit from up-to-date business legislation. By means of numerous amendments the Trade Act is heading towards a modern business and economic law, less bureaucracy and more entrepreneurial freedom.



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