National Market Strategies

Vocational training

A modern vocational training system should provide flexible responses to changes in the business and work environments: vocational training needs to keep abreast of growing skills requirements generated by technical progress.

In cooperation with stakeholders the BMDW has already gone a long way towards improving apprenticeship training: ongoing modernisation of apprenticed trades, modularisation (more flexible design of the dual system of education and training, improved options to combine training modules, facilitated recognition of previously obtained qualifications, better response to the needs of specific industries), integrated vocational training programmes (tailor-made vocational training for disadvantaged youth), policy measures to strengthen the apprenticeship market (targeted support of training companies through a new incentive scheme called Lehrlingsförderung NEU), internships abroad (assistance to apprentices, pupils, skilled workers and instructors), apprenticeship and matriculation (permeability of education pathways).

  • 120.000  apprentices in Austria
  • 32.000 companies train apprentices
  • 75 % of training places are provided by SMEs



The Institute for Research on Qualifications and Training of the Austrian Economy (Institut für Bildungsforschung der Wirtschaft – ibw) re-designed its platform for instructors and trainers.    

Apprenticed trades in Austria

This site provides an overview of all apprenticed trades currently available to would-be apprentices in Austria and is broken down by category. The period of training varies by trade.          

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